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Our Process

An in-depth look into our
Professional Approach.

When you call our office to set-up your no obligation consultation, you’ll be met with the welcoming voice of our receptionist or another member of the team. They will obtain some general information from you regarding the type of matter and related parties, and help determine the appropriate practice area team.

After running an initial conflict check, a member of the appropriate practice area team will contact you for further discussion. They will obtain additional information from you, request additional documentation from you, and, with the potential exception of litigation matters, will schedule an initial in-person meeting with the appropriate attorney. Prior to the initial meeting, we strive to know as much as possible about your needs or specific issue(s). Thoughtful review and advanced preparation is our way of ensuring we provide you with a comprehensive consultation that is both productive and reassuring. A meeting will then be scheduled with a member of your team.

Following the consultation, your attorney will provide you with a summary, any recommendations, and fee letter should you wish to retain us and move forward. If you don’t retain us, you owe us nothing. If you retain us, any substantive time we have spent, including the initial meeting and any other review of documents or other work prior to the meeting, will be billed on either an hourly basis or as part of a flat fee. This is why we term it a “no obligation” consultation. Our goal is to know as much as possible at the time of your initial meeting to allow it to be as productive as possible.

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